Rings with different metals

Rings with different metals

Then, the engagement ring in the hand of their beloved, the couples heading to the altar find themselves before one of the most important searches of their lives, that of their own wedding rings. It is, therefore, the most significant investment in this period prior to the wedding. Also more relevant than the wedding dress itself, since the chosen jewel will be worn for life by the spouses. Thus, metals take on even greater prominence. They must be, in addition to being precious and exquisite, durable and incorruptible. We invite you to discover what we are. Today wo propose to pay attention at:

  • Titanium;
  • Tungsten carbon;
  • Cobalt;
  • Platinum;
  • Gold;
  • Silver.

Titanium and Tungsten carbon

Since entering the nuptial field, it has become the metal of choice for contemporary grooms. Those who are far from the classic shiny gold and bet on the sobriety of gray. Titanium is one of the strongest metals, our characteristics and qualities fit perfectly with the expected durability of any double ring. We can carry inlays of diamonds or precious stones or be simple with minimalist designs. A jewel that will last incorruptible for life, like the memory of your romantic marriage in the country.

Tungsten carbide or carbon rings are nowadays the top of the shopping list for couples who have quite active lifestyle. Athletes, business people, artists, educators, engineers, scientists and the housewives themselves. Those who go from one side to another without focusing their attention on their jewel. Scratches and deformations do not affect its alloy resistance. So much so, that engraving is achieved only through laser inscription. Its color is matte silver and its designs are generally sober and fine, as the only ones are its elegant marriage parts.

Cobalt and Platinum

Cobalt and Platinum

It has the same beauty and brilliance of platinum, but unlike that famous precious metal, cobalt boasts durability. It is lightweight and can carry inlaid gemstones, which as always increase the prices of wedding rings. One of its great advantages, which has made it the favorite of avant-garde couples, is that it does not change color when exposed to other agents, it will look brilliant for life.

The most precious jewels are made of platinum, especially when they boast of diamonds. The prices of engagement rings such as wedding rings are usually higher than other metals when they have a lower percentage of metals with ruthenium, palladium or iridium. The purer, stronger and brighter.

Gold and Silver

It is one of the classic metals used throughout the world as an input for the manufacture of wedding rings. Thanks to the alloy with copper or rhodium it can have pink or white coloration. Its purity is measured in carats, 24k being the purest. Distinctive that will fall on the price and sensitivity of the jewel. If they choose this metal they have to be careful not to expose it to rubbing with other objects. Similarly, daily use will wear it down over the years, so regular maintenance is recommended.

Silver has become, over the years, the most requested by boho, hipster and vintage grooms, who cannot give up that mixture of beauty and versatility. Today, unique jewelry can be found on the market at affordable prices, especially in Peruvian jewelers, characterized by their expertise and art in the use of this precious metal.

One of the easiest ways to find the perfect metal for your wedding rings is to look for inspiration in the engagement ring model. Even to buy them in the same jewelry store. As they will do with the florist who will be in charge of the bridal bouquet and decoration. In general, these houses offer the guarantee and maintenance required for the treatment of this type of fine jewelry in the long term, do not forget!


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