Engagement rings with gemstones: how to choose

Engagement rings with gemstones: how to choose

Finding the perfect ring is not an easy task, since there are infinite options in terms of design, type of material and stones or gems that can be embedded. However, the custom of using gemstones for engagement rings dates back to the Middle Ages, since their high cost almost guaranteed a premarital contract. When the jewel was given to the lady, the idea that there was a formal intention to marry her was made clear.

On the other hand, other elements to consider for choosing the ring are your personality, style and tastes. It has to be a stone with which you feel comfortable at all times. Also, it takes into account the clarity, size and, most importantly, the strength and endurance standards that go on a scale of one to 10. Similarly, the hardness scale is a benchmark when choosing a gem or gemstone, as it will indicate how resistant it is to the passage of time.

Each of the stones have components that make them unique, in addition to the meaning that this entails. We will talk about:

  • Popular ring gemstones;
  • Less known variants;
  • Rare choices.
The most popular stones

The most popular stones


Its name in Greek represents perfection and eternal love, as it is practically indestructible. It is the classic stone for the engagement ring and is a girl’s best friend, according to Marilyn Monroe.


The most classic and elegant stones. They symbolize purity, innocence, modesty and happy union. However, according to some stories, they believe that these are bad luck for lovers, although they are considered an excellent gift for the first anniversary.


This stone is commonly dark blue in color, although other varieties also exist, such as pink or green sapphire. Represents success, truth and wisdom.


It denotes confidence and intelligence, its presence brings luck in love and drives away bad feelings. Likewise, its color is associated with passion, beauty and sensuality.

Unusual stones for rings


It attracts benefits for physical and spiritual health, since it keeps bad vibes away. It is related to patience and exuberance.


The lucky stone, as it offers protection and attracts money, in addition to love and friendship.


It is the most sought-after variety of quartz. Generally, its color is purple, but we can also find it in shades of yellow or even transparent. It symbolizes peace, brings courage and happiness, and represents protection and peace.


It attracts positive vibes and serves as a shield for bad ones, it also symbolizes loyalty, fidelity and perseverance.

Very rare gemstones


It is considered more of a gem than a gemstone due to its physical resemblance to diamonds. Furthermore, it is thought to be the gem of wisdom and spiritual growth.


They are known for granting a life of abundance to married people, and are believed to return to lost love. Also, they represent peace and love as well as courage and protection. They attract positive energy traits like harmony, trust, loyalty, and companionship.


It is a very rare variety of the quartz family. They can be translucent or opaque, in addition to being presented in different colors. They symbolize hope.


They bring with them good fortune, prosperity, wisdom and love. They also represent longevity and good living.


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