Where to buy unusual jewelry in Prague

Where to buy unusual jewelry in Prague

There are a lot of jewelry stores and such brands In Prague, but today they are interested in original Czech craftsmen. If you want to know about famous jewelery liners in the city, keep reading.

Of course, it’s hard to talk about all the masters in one article. But they hope that they could interest you in learning more about jewelry craftsmanship in Prague. They offer to get acquainted with such brands in the first place:

  •  Klenota;
  • Eliška Lhotská Jewellery;
  • Olive.


Their mission is to create jewelry that is a pleasure to wear every day for their timeless beauty. They build on honest handwork. Most often they produce engagement and wedding rings, earrings and gold jewelry with diamonds, pearls or unique gems at the KLENOTA jewelry store.

Purchase and all service can be arranged simply through their e-shop from the comfort of home or office. But they are not only an online goldsmith, you can also visit them personally in a studio in the heart of the Old Town at Bílkova 19, Prague 1. They will be happy to advise you and help you choose the jewelry exactly to your liking. The company gets inspiration from the catwalks how to stay in the coming year. They bring you a summary of what will move the jewelery world, and recommendations on what jewelry to pick next season if you want to set the style. Get ready for a storm of colors, distinctive accessories and pearls in a modern design!

Where to buy unusual jewelry in Prague

Eliška Lhotská Jewellery

Eliška, jewelery maker and daughter of Zdeněk Lhotský, continues the family tradition. She has jewelry designer’s showroom by Eliška Lhotská in Holešovice. She also earned a lot of attention from the 2017 New Archeology collection, which she made from casting pieces of bread and based it on personal experience and a simple yet strong statement that we should preserve traditions and values. 

It has been developing for several years and, as she says, aesthetic value is of secondary importance to her, rather interested in the social dimension of her message. Eliška’s jewelry “speaks” clearly, reflecting not only her view of society but also her nature.


Olive is a family company that was established in 2017. It is founded and managed by the executive of the company Martina Sluková. They are not new to the industry. In the same composition, the company was already running an online jewelry shop from other materials in 2015 – 2017, but very soon they realized that the durability and quality of jewelry is absolutely essential for them. The desire for change that would move them further was so strong that they decided to sell the original, and the company must say that even a successful eshop and started from scratch. After much consideration, they have chosen precious metal, but it is affordable – sterling silver.

From the beginning Olive wanted the Czech nation not to be afraid of a new brand and to feel that it could trust it. OLIVIE is Czech. They do not hide anything, communicate very quickly, and solve the problems immediately and in the vast majority to the satisfaction of customers. They sell high quality and proven silver jewelry. If a piece of jewelry does not work, they do not include it again. Every piece of jewelry is more than a piece of silver. It’s a story. Some buy it to please others, give it out of love, or give it to people the company respect and respect. Jewel is with them from morning to yesterday. Often it gives them courage and suppresses the longing for a loved one. That’s why they insist on top-class workmanship and overall quality.


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