Handmade jewelry in Prague: where to order craft rings, necklaces, bracelets

Handmade jewelry in Prague: where to order craft rings, necklaces, bracelets

Handmade jewelry is becoming more and more popular. Mainly because every piece is original. It is also because the artist puts a piece of himself into each piece of jewelry. However, making one such piece of jewelry is not easy and it is also time consuming. There are a lot of jewelry masters and craft platforms in Prague, and we will begin our acquaintance with:

  • Buka Jewelry;
  • Jewelri by Klára Marková;
  • MOOYYY jewelry.

Buka Jewelry

Buka Jewelry is a trademark under which the company run a shop with handmade jewelry originating in Asia. The jewelry is handcrafted in their jewelry workshops in Indonesia, China and Japan under the control of the company. They import some pearls to the Czech Republic and complete the jewelry in the Czech Republic (bracelets, necklaces, Akoya pearls, Tahiti and South sea).

Buka jewelry has been created in jewelery workshops, has been produced by skilled goldsmiths for several generations. Working with silver, gold and cultured pearls requires patience and talent. The talent of Asian jewelers is renowned. Handmade jewelry from Java, Bali, Lombok and other East Asian countries are popular all over the world. For this season they have prepared several designs, from which you can combine interesting sets such as earrings + ring + pendant, or pearl bracelet + necklace + earrings.

Handmade jewelry in Prague: where to order craft rings, necklaces, bracelets

Klára Marková

Fine-tuned composition of artistic level, honest handicrafts, tenderness and fantasy are the main distinguishing features of jewelry that originate in the workshop of Klára Marková. High demands on quality and fineness of used precious metals, quality of precious metals, emphasis on first-class processing of details, non-Victorian style and use of ancient precious metal processing technologies such as lost wax casting, granulation decoration, patination, etching, pressing plus 100% hand work, allows making very original, inimitable jewelry by other techniques.

The originality and beauty of their jewelry is appreciated by clients and art lovers from all over the world. She was born in Opava. She graduated from high school and worked in Czech Television. After the birth of her son, she left her job and studied painting techniques and jewelry design. In 2004, she decided to change her life and stopped working in the luxury goods business. After extensive preparation and purchase of equipment, Atelier KM began producing its first jewelery in 2005. With increasing interest in its creation, the company expands to its present form.


At the beginning of their journey, the company was inspired by yoga and natural materials to create jewelry based on yoga symbolism. The MOOYYY Spiritual Jewelry Collection was the first step in their journey. The second step, the author collections of SENSO, CHIA and RUDRA by leading Czech designers Lucie Koldová, Mirka Talavašková and Anna Steinerová, is an extraordinary example of modern jewelry that goes beyond its decorative function. Timeless and minimalist jewelry conceals a personal message and represents an inner strength given not only by the quality of natural materials such as the seeds of the sacred Rudraksha tree, pearls or lava, but also by the perception of key values ​​and the philosophy of the wearer.

In 2017, promising designer Natalie Vicen has prepared a collection of original ELEMENTS jewelry inspired by Vedic philosophy and four symbols of the elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air for MOOYYY. The result is a design jewel that reflects the basis of all living and inanimate parts of the universe and conceals a mystical charge. In 2018, the designer completed the collection with rings and bracelets expressing the strength of the fifth element, Ether. The latest MOOYYY collection is ORIGAMI, inspired by the fine Japanese art of paper folding. It is characterized by simple geometry and clear shapes. Angle and surface define a minimalist piece of jewelry that deceives the observer of its true form through the play of light and shadow. The author of the handmade minimalist jewelery collection Origami is Natalie Vicen.


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