Garnet gemstone: properties and their meaning

Garnet gemstone: properties and their meaning

Garnet stone is a beautiful gem, in this article I will tell you about its properties, extraordinary powers, how to activate it and the most interesting thing about it.

Garnet is a precious stone that has maintained its popularity through time thanks to its beauty. Even now, having a Garnet is synonymous with luxury and power, but, in addition, this beautiful gem has a mysticism in itself, which has a magnificent positive influence on its owner and the environment that surrounds it.

Meaning of the garnet stone

The garnet stone is known for being a stone of transformation, and transmutation that allows transcendence to a new level, physical, psychological, and spiritual. For Muslims this beautiful stone represented light, while for Vikings it guided the dead in their transition to paradise.

The largest deposits of garnet stone are in Tanzania, Madagascar, Russia, Mozambique, Pakistan, Zambia, Nigeria, Malaya, and Australia, the most popular being ruby ​​red Garnet, although there are also garnets that change color, which they are very valuable and rare.

On the other hand, it is possible to find magenta garnets, with luminescences in red and fuchsia, these are typically known as the King of Garnets, however, all garnets, in general, are quoted and worshiped as precious gems of great value.

Garnet gemstone: properties and their meaning

Garnet stone properties: What is it for?

The powerful beneficial properties of garnet have been widely recognized, studied, and admired by the great civilizations, this is how it appears to be a substantial part of the beliefs and stories of the Romans, Egyptians, Hebrews, Vikings, and Chinese, always representing a stone protective and powerful of spiritual guidance. Protection gem. All garnets are protective gems for bad energy and provide positive energy. In addition to this, they are known for providing courage in difficult situations.

Strengthens the heart. This great red stone is known for regulating blood circulation and cardiovascular health, including the regeneration and detoxification of the liver and spleen, which allows an increase in red blood cells and white blood cells, for this reason, it is considered a special amulet for people with leukemia and anemias. Stabilizes emotions. Garnet is a jewel that brings joy, helping to overcome emotional obstacles and trauma, which promotes soul healing and emotions, as well as self-knowledge and self-acceptance.

Increase vital energy. This wonderful stone balances your energies and fills you with the vital energy that is born in the center of the planet, on the other hand, it is activated to allow regressions that allow you to regenerate your soul and fill it with vitality. Combat Fatigue and apathy. The Garnet stone is associated with will, inner strength and courage, making it ideal to combat discouragement and apathy, managing to invigorate and motivate every fiber of being in the physical, psychological and spiritual.

How to recognize a Garnet

  • The most ideal way to recognize an authentic garnet is to go with a trusted jeweler, or with people with a recognized track record, however, there are details that will help you when acquiring your stone;
  • The more transparent it is, the more expensive and original the stone is, especially if it has an intense, translucent and uniform color;
  • It is very hard, therefore it will not present cracks or scratches, in fact, it is used to engrave ruby ​​and agate, as well as to polish quartz.

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