How to wear watch with bracelet? 3 tips for using a perfect match

How to wear watch with bracelet? 3 tips for using a perfect match

A watch is not always a watch. In fact, for women it is above all a jewel that, among other things, also marks the schedule. But the first aspect that matters is that it must be beautiful, it matches the dress, it is suitable for the occasion. It does not matter that the watch offers complicated combinations of dates and phases of the moon, that it can plunge into the deepest waters or function as an Olympic time trial. Instead, the watch should be of excellent brand, have a nice shape and possibly arouse the envy of your friends.

Unfortunately, not all women pay attention to another detail: the combination of watch and jewelry, especially bracelets. That’s right: the watch and the bracelet are not twin brothers, they are children of different mothers. And they don’t always match well. Here are some tips to correctly combine the watch and the bracelets. With a caveat: sometimes rules can also be broken successfully.

1. Express yourself

If you wear a watch on your left wrist, don’t wear anything on your right arm. Focus your attention on a single point, instead of scattering it a little here and there. The only concession: wear a chain on the other wrist, provided it is very, very thin. Gold or silver? No problem: the time is up when you couldn’t bring a gold jewel with a silver one. It is no coincidence that there are jewels that are made of gold of different colors. So it’s okay to wear a gold finished watch with silver bracelets. As long as they are of high quality.

Once consistency was a rule: you couldn’t wear a Cartier watch in conjunction with a cheap bracelet. This is no longer the case today: even a Rolex can be paired with colored bead bracelets. The important thing is that the mix is ​​fun.

2. Choose the main accessorie

Better an expensive bracelet and a cheap watch, or the other way around? The second hypothesis. The king is the clock, the main role on the stage of your doll should be reserved for him. Even your favorite dish, if you eat it every day, is no longer pleasant. It is the same for jewelry: if you have guessed a good combination of watch and bracelets, it is not a good reason to repeat it every day. Try to vary, even if the result will not always be perfect.

Wearing bracelets, like watches, helps you have your own style, with personality. It can give you a younger and rebellious air or a harder and classic image, that is already your decision. Of course, whatever your intention you have to know how to combine those bracelets in the best possible way.

3. No more than 2 pieces at a time

We know, that putting on accessories is like tattoos, it hooks, however you have to control yourself. We do not recommend putting on more than 2 pieces per hand, and with pieces we mean bracelets or watches.

So at most we advise you to wear 4 bracelets at the same time, two for each hand. Knowing this, now we only need to know how to choose the best way to combine them, which leads us to the next point.

How to wear watch with bracelet? 3 tips for using a perfect match

Learn how to combine colors:

  • Black, like white combines with everything;
  • Sky blue is ideal to combine with yellow or pastel pink. On the other hand, the strong Blue combines better with orange, red or fuchsia;
  • Pink matches very well with gray;
  • Green, in its military version, combines perfectly with earth tones. If you prefer dark green, we recommend combining it with yellow and orange;
  • Red, (only for the daring) combines very well with pink.

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